Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Ode to my Sweet Baby Girl

Disclaimer: This post is more for me... Has a LOT of what Cyd is/has been doing... Long... very long...

Sorry, these pictures are in no particular order, b/c I'm not real familiar with blogger quite yet and I SWEAR, every time I get in here to edit, the spacing is all off... annoying!

Dear Cydni,

I love you sweet baby girl. You're sleeping right now and I just want to go in there and wake you up and snuss with you... I can't even think about what my life would be like without you. I prepared for you for so long, but NOTHING can ever prepare you for motherhood and nothing can ever prepare you for that bond that you have with your little girl (or boy, but I don't know anything about that right now...). I hoped and prayed for you and you've exceeded every imagination that I dreamed. Yes, there are/have been ups and down, that's a given, but all you have to do is bat those beautiful blues and I melt in your little palm. It's amazing how much your way of life, your way of thinking, changes once you become responsible for a life. I know for me, I've acquired this patience with you that I don't know where it came from.. and when I do get frustrated, I remember that all you need is me or daddy and it makes it all better. You need me. I love it. I love being your mommy.

You're getting ready to turn one and I just can't believe it... Time has flown by... You were delivered via emergency c-section, b/c we did an induction and you just weren't ready (atleast that's what I think).... Daddy brought you out to the family and your crazy tongue caught the attention of everyone!!! Out of the gate, you were a champion nurser and we continued that relationship for 6 months... You were sleeping through the night by 8 weeks (just in time for mommy to get a good night rest before she returned to work! Perfect timing!), you hit all the targets that the doctor set and you continue to do so. You'll/We'll have to reference when you were crawling, eating solids, etc. in your baby book, b/c it's in your bedroom, so I can't really get to it now, and you've done A LOT in the last year, so this post would never end, so I'm going to look to your book for all of that information, but from here on out, it will go in the blog... It's utterly amazing how much babies develop and grow in thier first year! No wonder you sleep so much! You're wore out!!! ;-)

I am going to go ahead and document what 's going on now:

~You're working on your 7th tooth.

~You took 6 steps tonight (1/13/09) and I think you'll be picking it up with more ease and comfort after your birthday.

~We're getting ready to start the phasing in of whole milk and phasing out of bottles. We've become so comfortable with how things have been going, but I guess we've got to make it interesting and keep changing it up! ;-)

~Your vocabulary grows daily! Your first word was dada.... Now you're saying (in your own wierd version & when you choose too...) mama, Amy & Chris (daycare ladies), doggie, papa, duck, baby & thank you.

~You give WIDE open wet kisses and we LOVE them! (However, I think you try to slip the tongue on Jesus in your bible! hahah We'll say, "Give Jesus a kiss and you'll plant your mouth and move it all around! OH MY! ;-))hahaha)

~You're even doing the "How old are you going to be on your birthday?" and you respond with a big "1" with your finger! How sweet!

~I can finally get your hair in an itty, bitty pony tail...

~You've relingquished your paci to just nap/bedtime/carseat...and I hope we get rid of it soon, b/c it makes your sweet breath a little stinky;-)

~You're a champion sleeper, but I'm not even going to go there, b/c as sure as I do, that will change!

~You shake your head yes and no... I'm not sure if I like this one yet...:-)

~You also know who Rocky and Bandit are. I'll say, "Where's Rocky (or Bandit)?" and you look straight at them... You LOVE them. We've had a couple issues with Rocky when he's been sleeping and you want to play, but you forget about it and love him nonetheless.... However, if it continues, we're unfortunantly going to have to address it... He's forcing us to make a decision we don't want to... tear ;-( But, you and Bandit could play all day long. He puts up with a LOT from you and you just Kackle at him! It's so precious. Your favorite thing to do with them is when we run around with you in our arms chasing after them.... you can't get a better laugh than that!!!

~You still don't really like finger foods... You'll eat the basics like cheerios, puffs, biter biscuits, french fries (with the sitters), bananas and I think that's about it! Actually, oddly enough, we found out tonight that you like garlic bread... But, if it's anything we're eating for supper, you pretty much gag... You love your baby food though, so we'll probably be feeding that to you until you're 5!
~You will "growl" with me.

~You use your right hand predominantly...

~You'll point to daddy and I's noses, but not your own...

~And lastly, you're getting ready to make another big transition from the daycare to staying with Aunt Tiff. I know you're going to love it, but I know you're also going to miss Amy & Chris. You love being there with all the other kids, but I think you'll do just fine with Tiff, Evie and the newborn baby.
Lots of changes in store! This list could keep on going... I can't wait, well, yes I can, but for you to keep changing... It's so sweet and awe-inspiring to see you discover your world.. oh and btw, your tongue is STILL CRAZY! You can twist it and then bend it! It's like it's double-jointed... HILARIOUS!

My ode to you, darling, is to be the best mommy I can be for you. It is the desire of my heart that you will know and love Jesus and I will try my best to bring you up in the Lord's word and love... However, should these desires not be for you, I will try to have an open mind. I will not force that upon you. You are your own individual and I want you to discover, question, etc. whatever you may, but know, regardless, I will love you and so will Jesus. I will ALWAYS, no.matter.what, be there for you. I will be your best friend (but remember, I have to be a parent too;-)) and I hope you will be able to come to me with any of your hearts desires, frustrations, lonlinesses... and I hope that I will be able to make all your worries go away. I will do my darndest to keep you safe and in a loving home, with two parents, who love each other. I'd promise you the world if I could...
Miss Cydni, you're the greatest blessing and miracle that the Lord can bestow on a couple and I'm so glad He graced us with your presence! I love you for all the days to come and with all my heart can give!
I'm going to be scared to see my report card 20 years down the road! ;-)
Two traits that you've gotten from your mom.... sensitivity... Oh Lord.. I can say "NO," and your eyes will well up with tears and your nose turns red faster than you can blink an eye (see picture below)....just like your sappy/sensitive/cryin' o' mum... And the other trait that I can see so far is that you seem to be a pretty scheduled little one too (See Honest Scrap Blog Post #5) ;-)! Give or take a half-hour, I pretty much can tell you what you're going to do... On most days.

Well, I hope your first year was everything that your little pretty brain could have imagined! ;-) And, I hope you enjoy your PINK birthday party!


Courtney said...

Such a sweet little lady! (both Cyd AND you!)

Rhyme and Reason said...

This post was beautiful! She is going to love looking back at these posts when she is older! Take care,MD

kdurec said...

She sounds like she is doing so well! :) Isn't it amazing how much you love her? It blows my mind how much I love Kendra, even on the days where she is a total stinker!

tnaville said...

Okay I just want to ask...How long did it take you to write that b/c I know you were crying? It made me cry thinking about all the things they've accomplished in the last year and how big they are getting! I'm excited that they are learning so many new things but also very sad that they are growing so quickly.