Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - With Captions - Lately...

I'm off!


Ice, Ice Baby... Too cold! Literally...

Cyd - "Seriously, do we have to run all over, sit me down and snap a pic.?"
Me - "Yes...SMILE!"

The boys the day the power went out.

Me & My Cuz... We love each other! ;-) most of the time.


Yes, you're seeing this correctly, Matt was actually behind this! And, yes, we've had to pull Cyd around the house in her new wagon NIGHTLY.
I'm a big Sis!


Emily said...

ahhh;) yeah! Such cute pics;) R the pups in the pics yours?? I love the pic with the pregnancy test! :)

The McNulty Family said...

GREAT pictures! I LOVE THE pregnancy test... priceless!!!

I added you! I'm so glad you asked!


Anonymous said...

i'm not so sure i needed to see you pee stick...i believed you via your words. congrats!!

love ya,

* said...

Awww I miss that little booger!

deyoungsters said...

she is so cute! I love the big sister pic!

Anonymous said...

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