Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember those Ducks I was telling you about?

Can you see them through the slats there? Where are they going?
Here Ducky, Ducky, Ducky.... Why won't they come over to see me? Probably, b/c our dumb dogs are trying to attack them!

Mom & Dad, these thing are SO cool!

Say bye, bye to the duckies!

My Daddy is the BEST!

And my mommy always looks "rough" in photos anymore! ugh! Maybe she needs to get highlights or something... Anyways, Cyd wants IN THERE with those duckies that will probably attack! Hard telling what they'd do!?

Not so sure about that cow! She wouldn't touch it!
Checkin' to see if any grapes are out there to make some home-made wine! hahah, the Huber's wouldn't mind.. would they?... No such luck.

On another note, I bit the bullet and Cyd no longer is taking a bottle! Makes me very sad and happy at the same time. No more washing those stinkin' Dr. B's bottles! The first day was a little sketchy. I tried just replacing the bottle with a sippy and acting like nothing was different and she DID NOT think that was very cool. She actually screamed at me and made me shed a few tears... Alas, I just went in and fed her breakfast and all was good. This morning went great. I think we've got a new routine to follow and all will be well! Thanks for all the advice ladies!



Janelle and Damon said...

isn't it great getting the kids outside for their first real outdoor experience? it was so neat to experience the outdoors through jackson's eyes for the first time last year.

Arlene said...

Two words - Too Cute!! I love the photos of her peering through the gaps in the fence with her little butt-butt sticking out!

Emily said...

sooo presh!U are all baby belly! So teeny tiny:) I love your wedding pictures below.. u looked beautiful....probably because you are beautiful:) thanks for sharing:)