Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday we were Cincy bound to celebrate two little babies about to enter this world! I threw a shower for my dear friend, Brooke who's about to pop out TWINS! She's been on bedrest for 4 weeks now and we hope she stays put for atleast 4 more! ;-) She needs to bake those kiddos for a little while longer! ;-) But, in all seriousness, I'm so proud of Brooke & Brian! They are such great parents and if anyone in our "group" of friends could handle twins, it's them! They balance each other out perfectly and are always a joy to be around! We love you guys and can't wait to meet Dakota & Jaxson! Little "T" is going to be a GREAT Big Brother! I can still hear his sweet little laugh!
It was SO GREAT to see all the college roomies! We never miss a beat when we get together and I miss each of them SO VERY MUCH! Love you girls!

Such a sweet & special family! Brooke looks AWESOME! She's ALL belly!

Lesley did a great job making the dessert! "Twinkies!" ;-)

"The Girls!" LOVED seeing you all! We have to get together more often!

The preggo ladies of the group! ;-) Me acting STUPID! Brooke is supposed to be sending the "serious" picture today. For some reason, I didn't get that one....

Krista & her GORGEOUS girls!

Kelly, looking FAB by the way, & I

Lesley and sweet, sweet Avery!

Tyson & all his Girls! What a LUCKY man! haha

Cyd "honking" Kel's nose! ;-)

And, of coarse, Cyd being goofy.
Matt & I were really bummed we forgot to pray with B & B before we left, so, since I know Brooke checks this, I will just do it here! ;-) I told her I'd be very specific with my prayers for them, so I couldn't miss anything! ;-) God cares about the little details too! ;-)
Heavenly Father, I just want to lift Brooke, Brian & Tyson up to you right now. I pray that they are hearing great news from the doctor (as we speak) and your will for those babies is to stay snug in Brooke's belly for atleast 4 more weeks and that they are each atleast 3 lbs. right now. I pray that you prepare B,B&T's hearts for Dakota & Jaxson's arrival and for weeks/months after they are here. It's going to be a huge adjustment, but I know that they all can handle it. I praise you for the huge support of B&B's family, church family & friends that you've surrounded them with. They are going to be well-taken care of in the next few months! ;-) Lord, whatever your will is, we know that you will be with them and they can rest peacefully knowing that you already have all of this planned out and they are just living out your story of love & family. Father, I told Brooke I'd be specific with my prayer in that, I pray that you may spare her from those stinkin' stretch marks. At 30 weeks, there isn't one in sight and I know she'd appreciate it if that stayed the same! ;-) hehe.... Lord, we know that you are a good God and we can't wait until you unveil your plan for these twinkies. Ultimately, we pray for a healthy mommy and 2 healthy babies... The other details will just be icing on the twinkies! ;-) We love you, Lord and praise you for all of our many blessings, especially for Brooke & Brian's friendship! It's in your heavenly name I pray, AMEN!

I hope I didn't miss anything! ;-)
This one is for Aunt Shell.. I don't know if she checks my blog, but she got this for Cyd for Christmas.

Happy Monday!

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Brooke said...

Thanks so much Andrea! You are such a special friend to me and a wonderful Godmother to Tyson. We had and amazing time at the shower and enjoyed your visit so much! Your prayers and ours were answered ... with each baby weighing close to 3 1/2 lbs!