Thursday, April 2, 2009

bloggers block

I just can't think of anything that would be interesting for you all to blog about... There's so much about to happen in our lives, but I can't post about them... yet... Soon! ;-)
Things exciting for me, though....:

I had a doc. appt. today... Right on track. If we find out what we're having, it will be on APRIL 30th!!! Holy Cow! It's sneaking up on me!

We had Cydni doing "monkey," elephant" and "cow" sounds the other night. It was so funny! She was in a fantastic mood.

We actually, for the first time, ordered from the kids menu! Spaghetti, of coarse! From Olive Garden! YUM! She almost ate the whole bowl!

She met a new animal last night at Huber's. The goats! She was fascinated! They stink to high-heaven, but they are funny animals! Especially the little baby! He/She was jumping and running around like a crazed & delirious moron! We laughed.

Remember that cow that she wouldn't touch a few weeks ago?

Well, she had a TEMPER TANTRUM last night when we took her OFF of it! She now loves it!

Easter weekend is blast-off for our new church home! SO EXCITED! Same church, but with a location closer to home! We can't wait to be able to be more involved!

Ummm, let's see... I think that's all I've got for you! Tomorrow is Friday! Yippee!

Happy Thursday!

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kdurec said...

I think I know the exciting things to come... :)

Cyd seems like such a smart girl!