Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the World Jaxson & Dakota!

My friend, Brooke, had her twins TODAY! Yay! Everyone is doing great! She had lost "something" Sunday (hehehe - You ladies know what I'm talking about) and had a doc appointment yesterday morning. She's been soooo-very uncomfortable lately, with back pains & some contrax, but the doctor sent her home... 8 pm, her water broke & Miss Dakota was on her way! ;-) She was 2 centimeters by 9 and by 1:02 Dakota was here! The doctor then had to break Jaxson's water and pull him out feet-first! Yikes! But, all is well! They're both breathing on their own & have an iv at the moment. I'm sure Mommy & Daddy are just reeling from all the excitement!

Congrats Brooke, Brian & Tyson! Can't wait to meet the newest additions! Love you!


Dakota - Born @ 1:02 AM 4.9 & 18 inches

Jaxson - Born @ 1:12 AM 4.1 & 17 inches

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the lewis gang said...

feet first? ouch! glad everyone is healthy!!