Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day A Day Late...

Man, all you blogging moms out there were on it! I didn't touch a computer all weekend! So, here's my belated Mother's Day wish to you all! Hope you had a great day and I love sharing these experiences as Mommy's with you through blogging!
Thank you Matt & Cyd for making my day fabulous! It was so relaxing once we got home and I couldn't have asked for more! You both are my heart & I never knew how meaningful life could be until I had you both! It just gets better and better every day!
Doesn't she look so big in this picture? I didn't have enough time before church to get a better picture of her. I love putting her in dresses on Sunday! About the only time I get to! ;-)

Quick picture with my little darlin' before church. We always end up wearing similar colors and I almost NEVER plan it that way... This is one day I didn't plan, but it worked! ;-)

You can barely see it, but it was 'raw' & red yesterday. We went for a walk last night and Cyd & Daddy were playing and somehow she bit-it on the asphalt! Poor Baby!

And, poor, poor Rocky & Bandit. Mommy was a little flustered when she dropped them off at the groomer's last week and when they said, "Do you want the same length all over?" I mistakenly replied with, "Yes!" Um, I was supposed to say, "Yes, but keep their face longer and round..." Now, they look like two rats... Hopefully, it will grow out quick! This picture doesn't even do it justice. Tiff & Dan laughed out-loud when they saw them!

Happy Monday!


Emily said...

glad you had a wonderful mothers day:) u deserve it:) Are you two lil pups good with cynd?

Andrea said...

They LOVE Cydni! We had a few encounters with Rocky, but since she feeds them her snacks all the time, they wouldn't dare cross her! ;-) hehe