Thursday, June 18, 2009

My family

We just had a great weekend at home in Evansville. Mile's (Matt's bf from high-school) & Allie got married and Matt and I attended all the festivities MINUS a cute, little toddler. We don't see my family near enough, so when all of this was coming up, i thought it would be a great chance for them to have Cyd, without her parents always hovering around!

***UMMM, is it just me, or is it green outside right now!? Our chairs have flown to god knows where... It's CRAZY here right now! Power just went out, so I'll be back later!***

Alright, back to normal now. Phew, that was pretty sketchy! Anyhow, my family had such a good time with Cyd and I'm quite positive Cyd loved her time with them too! I think they were actually pretty bummed to see us come home. They got to experience her stubborness with eating - which, by the way, I'm nipping in the bud now... We're starting the 'You eat what I give you, how I give it to your or you don't eat' method... I hate it, but it's ridiculous what she's doing... I'm sure that will be a post in and of itself, so I'll leave it at that for now. We just started this yesterday...

Ok, Ok, back to my family! I keep getting off track! I love my family dearly and miss them more than they know.... I don't tell them enough how much they mean to me... Like the Naville family, we're growing leaps & bounds too! My brother & sis-in-law are also expecting... IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS! Due a day after us, but obviously, they will grace us with their presence sometime in August, I predict... So, my parents are going from three grandkids to SIX within a month! ;-) They're loving it to say the least!

Here we all are: Minus my bro-in-law, Bryan, he was working somewhere out of the country this weekend. and.... Yes, that's the Pope in the background!! haha! Can you guess where we are fellow Floyd Knobers? (Is that a word!? ;-))

At Cyd's 1st Birthday Party

Cyd with Mimi & Papaw. She calls Grandma Naville Mimaw and Grandma Hoehn Mimi. TOO CUTE!
Kelly & her mini-me, Erin! Gorgeous!
The Grandkids!

Jason & his all-star son, Logan!
Cheese! Such a cutie!
We got to go to one of Logan's 'Poseyville' baseball games! He did awesome! I was one proud Auntie!
Cyd was rooting him on too!

All decked out and ready to play some ball!
I need Logan with me to get Cyd to brush her teeth! She did so good with his guidance! Not the same story with me and Daddy!

I just had to include this picture from Monday! I put a romper on her and she just looked so weird in it! Made her look like such a BIG GIRL in a BABY outfit! I don't know why they make them for kids this big!?

Thanks for such a great weekend and watching Miss Thang for us! We enjoyed our nights out so much! We're heading back home next weekend for Logan's 8th Birthday! Is that possible!? Kids grow up way too fast! I wonder what Dad thinks of me turning 30 in January! HOLY MOLY! Do I have to???? ;-)

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Jeffrey and Jenn said...

Please let me know how the new food psychology goes with Cyd. We are having the same problem with Nolan. He pretty much refuses to eat anything that is healthy. I could use some ideas.