Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our dream house

This is our dream house! Unfortunantly, it's in Indy and we have no plans of moving back up there, but we WILL build some sort of 'replica' in our lifetime! ;-) I think the wooded setting makes it and luckily, we will have some of that.... Now, it just depends on when we're going to make the rest happen!

Which will be atleast 10 years down the road, b/c we just put an offer in on a house and they accepted! This summer has instantly become JAM PACKED!


kdurec said...

Congratulations! HOw exciting! Are you going to have to change the name of your blog? :)

kdurec said...

Oh, and FYI - I saw your comment on Kara's blog. Paul and Jesse were roommates in college and are very good friends now. Jesse brought Paul to Louisville. :) So yes, Paul was referring to Kara's Jesse.

Andrea said...

Unfortunantly, we will have to change our name! ;-( boo! I will miss that place!

oops, I was misspelling Jesse's name!