Thursday, June 11, 2009

First trip to the Zoo!

Here is the infamous trip to the zoo... If you read 2 posts' prior to this, you'll know the events that lead up to this trip. All in all, it was a fun time, but lessons we did learn and I know that the next trip will be so much more enjoyable! I threw in a few actual pictures of animals for your viewing pleasure! ;-)

She ADORES her daddy!

Still in a daze...

I love penguins! So cute!

We went right after all the animals had lunch, so they were all sleeping! Another lesson learned.

Loving the jungle gym!
Ginormous Turtles.

Just thought this was a cute picture.

Look at that snot! She's cutting her 'fang' teeth as we speak.
Yes, that's all pink...and tie-dyed at that!

Her and Daddy looking at another sleeping animal. I want to say Baribusa or something or other....
Happy Thursday! My hubby gets home today and Cyd and I can't wait! Off to Mile's & Allie's wedding events tomorrow!

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the lewis gang said...

early morning is the time to go to the zoo because the animals are so active. and each new place you go, you'll learn what you will do differently next time. it gets a little crazier with 2 because i forget darbi's food sometimes since i'm used to jackson's just eating whatever we eat. just when you get the hang of things with cyd, along will come #2. but it's soooo fun!