Sunday, June 7, 2009

Preggo Brain

Ugh. I'm so incredibly frustrated with myself. I'm embarrassed and quite frankly, an IDIOT! Give me a second and you will think so too.... Imagine this....

Friday - GORGEOUS day outside. We went to Matt's going away celebration lunch at Floyd, came home and put Cyd down for her nap. I thought, what a great day to grab a book and read out on our back porch! So, after I tidied up a bit. Off to the porch I went! It was glorious. See, I haven't done this, seriously, for like 2 years. Last year, when Cyd was down for a nap, I would sleep or just veg... We walked alot when she was awake, so naptime for Cyd, meant naptime for me. The year when I was pregnant with Cyd, it was the first few months of the summer when you just don't feel too great about your appearance... You gain weight, but it doesn't quite look like a baby belly just yet... So, I was out in the sun on a houseboat one weekend and Holiday World another, but I never really sat outside. Pathetic I know. Well, back to my original story... So, I sat outside for a little over an hour and I'M FRIED. Miserable. It's better today, but I still can't just be... My moves depend on my burn... Now, people say, oh, it happens to all of us.. etc. etc., BUT I KNEW that preggos get affects from the sun faster than people who aren't pregnant, but did I think about that Friday??? No. I was just giddy to get out there. Chalk 1 up for this smart one...

Saturday - We had been planning on going to the zoo all week... Matt wanted to take Cyd and just have a family day before he had to go to training for 4 days in Atlanta... We were so excited, b/c this was Cyd's first trip! So, I forged past my pain and tried not to think about it. I knew that I probably shouldn't be in the sun, but I piled on the sunscreen and was just trying not to show I hurt... Anyways, before we left, we had to go to Matt's parents to get air in one of our tires before we dropped it off at Big O' Tires (we have/had a leak and wanted to get it fixed before he left). So, we drive separately over there. As I'm driving into their driveway, I realized we had neither the camera nor the stroller! Really? First trip to the zoo with a toddler and you forget those things? Chalk 2 & 3... So, granted, it's only 3-4 miles away, I turn around frustrated and head back to the house all the while saying, "HOW COULD I FORGET THESE THINGS!? WHAT AN IDIOT!"

Wait for it, it gets better.... At this time, I'm thinking it would probably be best if we stay home, but we surge on!

I get over my frustration and accept the scenario. I get to the house. I grab the stroller. I grab the camera... If you all know anything about the Chicco stroller, you know it's pretty bulky (awesome stroller system though), so I lay the camera on the hood while I put the stroller in the back (telling myself at the time, "DON'T you DARE forget that you sat this here!" Seriously, those exact words went threw my head). And, you guessed it...'! Seriously!? Chalk 4. i'm an IDIOT! We've looked and looked for that darn thing and can't find it anywhere... I seriously turned right around and drove back and it was already gone... There were alot of bikers out yesterday and my only assumption is that one of them picked up a pretty darn nice camera... ugh. I want to cry again...

So, after quite a few tears and lots of frustration, we forge on to the the zoo with my mother-in-law's camera. We took some pictures and tried to have the best of times, but honestly, I wasn't in the right frame of mind and I plan on having another "Take 2 - First trip to the zoo!"

I'll post those pictures later since all the pictures I had promised in my last post are gone.forever. ;-( tear.... You can check out some pictures of my visit with the twins on The Jone's Squad blog. It's on my blog roll. And, I'll take some more pictures of the house on Friday. So, since I don't have my two planned posts' for the week this week, this one and the zoo one will somewhat make up for it... Ahh! I had some great pictures of the the twins & Ty & Cydni & Isis (one of their dogs). Will I ever get over it!? Probably not. I'm going to go look for it again today.... I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, any good preggo-brain stories from you all to make me feel a little bit better? I'm not looking for sympathy or "it's ok, it's just a camera." (it is, but how can you be so absentminded!?) Just stories like, "I put my cell-phone in a cup of milk on the way to work (brooke) stories! ;-)

Anyways, Happy Sunday! Let's end on a happy note with a few pictures that I haven't posted... Enjoy this day! For me, atleast, since I won't be nearing the sun anytime soon! ;-)

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mamalouise said...

I DO NOT think you should worry about this one bit! You not only are prego but you have a 1 year old!! Goodness sakes I cannot even imagine! Plus it sounds like you guys have a lot going on as a family too! I don't have a good prego brain story but I can tell you that I don't feel like prego brain EVER LEFT! :) You aren't alone that is for sure! :)