Friday, September 11, 2009

37 weeks and some change.

Well, I'll be 38 weeks next week and I figured since I wasn't doing anything, I'd post an updated belly picture. I've been having some nasty heartburn at night and have been dragging pretty bad lately (that could be b/c I'm burning the candle at both ends), but other than that, I love being pregnant! I've told you before that I'm 'that person!' Miss Amelia has literally been moving our bed at night when she's rumbling & tumbling. It's so funny!


I had my weekly appointment today and I've officially gained 19 lbs and am a 'finger-tip' dilated... I'm really not expecting much to happen in the next 11 days. I'm at peace with the Lord's plan whether I go on my own or I end up with my scheduled c-section date. Everything works out as it should and I'm ready either way!
I hope no one is too offended by my monstrous tum tum! If so, sorry! Have a good weekend!
Much Love!


katy said...

You look amazing!!! Only 19 lbs? I am not even going to tell you how much I gained with Kendra. I am hoping to avoid that next time around. :)
I cannot wait to hear all about little Amelia's arrival, but a friend of mine recently told me that babies brains still develop a shocking percentage past 38 weeks, so hopefully that will give you some comfort in your wait.

Brooke said...

You look GREAT! So jealous about th 19lbs thing ... I gained over twice that with the twins ... and still working it off 5 months later!!

Miss you, I have been thinking of you so much lately!

Andrea said...

Well, I'm pretty sure that the only reason I've gained 19 lbs is b/c I've been a crazy lady have been doing something non-stop... I failed to mention that I gained 35-40 lbs with Cydni! ;-)

the lewis gang said...

you are cute as a button and ALL belly! i gained 21 with jackson. 18 with darbi. and you are still smaller than i am! you look great! enjoy your last few weeks with that special blessing only you can carry in your womb! take care!