Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our poor dogs. I'm feeling sorry for them tonight, but if you ask me most days, I'm ready to give them away. I really don't mean it, but they are really on my nerves 23 hours of each day! ;-) It was the same way when I brought Cyd home, so I'm sure it will pass... I guess they deserve a post...

Bandit ~ Who thinks he's a cat, he sits on top of the couches watching out the window, and who barks and antagonizes Rocky all the time. So annoying. He has separation anxiety and freaks out when there is anything in between he and Matt and I. Who is a very loving dog, makes up for prior statement, and will cuddle and love on you for hours. He's like a daggon gazelle. Very mishapen. Long, tall and lean.

Rocky ~ Who is always at the bottom of my feet.. I've almost tripped over him atleast a dozen times... He's a pretty chill little fellow who is a chunker and can't jump on our bed. Shoot, he struggles to jump up on the couch. He is 56 years old, so I guess that's expected. He's a snuggler too. A butterball, the opposite of Bandit, short and chunky.

They both do great with the girls and were a part of the family before, so I guess they're keepers! ;-) They walk on thin ice alot though! ;-)


Arlene said...

I had to laugh at your post about Rocky and Bandit, "I guess they deserve a post..." LOL And your post is sounding probably unconsciously like an ad!

katy said...

I'm still ready some days to ship Stella off to my parents permanently. She just requires so much attention and needs to go for walks all the time and I just can't do it. But she is a snuggler too, and I guess that we will keep her. :)