Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 months or 13 weeks

What you're up to:

~Sleeping through the night since 8 1/2 weeks. Woohoo! However, I'm having problems sleeping now! ugh! I'll wake up and I just can't get myself back to sleep! It's driving me crazy!

~Tummy time usually results in this... You either bury your face or just lay it down and chill, so we're not getting very far in this department! ;-) Mommy doesn't like you getting so upset over it! You have great head-control otherwise...you're just not rolling over yet...

~Your hair...oh your hair... It's thinning out like crazy and it makes me so sad! It's looking like Daddy's hair! ;-)

~Taking 4 naps... The late evening one is only 30 minutes. The others range from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours.

~You're smiling and talking more and more each day! You've become quite the happy little girl! I think my diet was getting the best of you in the beginning!

~You're a little chunker and wearing size 3 diapers!
~You're in 3-6 month clothing and actually busting out of 3 month Carter's sleep-n-plays! I don't even bother buying you Target 'Circo' brand 3 month size anymore...it's 6 month in those! Yowza, sista!

~You're still nursing like a champ. My goal is 6 months for you and then we'll re-evaluate then.

~You love watching your sissy and staring at the Christmas tree!...and I'm ashamed to admit, the t.v.! You will break your neck trying to look at it!
That's pretty much your life in a nutshell right now! I love you more than you know and can't wait to see what you do and discover in the next month!
Thanks for stopping by! Aunt B is coming over next week to do 3 month pictures, so stay tuned!!
Merry Christmas!!!


deyoungsters said...

she's so sweet! :) clare's hair thinned out too, but it hung in there. it did make me sad though, don't you just long to put bows in that soft sweet hair?

both your little ladies are awfully cute! merry christmas!

katy said...

You have been so blessed with two good sleepers! That is awesome!
Sleep insomnia is the worst. I didn't deal with it until I was pregnant with Kendra and I still deal with it from time to time, like last Sunday morning from 5-7. I hope it resolves for you soon!
I can't believe how big both of your girls are getting. (Big being relative.) :) They sure are cute!

the lewis gang said...

i still have trouble sleeping all night. jana and mom do too so i think i get it from them. if i sleep until 6 in the morning without waking up, it has been a goooood night! and that doesn't happen often at all. i was up for 2 hours the other night. it sucks when your kids are sleeping and you can't! hang in there!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Sleeping through the night at 8-1/2 weeks? Wow, I hope my #2 is that cooperative! :-)