Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amelia ~ 4 months

Here we are, 4 months later, and life couldn't get more sweeter with my two girls. Miss Amelia just gets sweeter and sweeter each and every day. I'm really going to miss her gummy smiles, she's working on two teeth, has been for over two weeks. They're there, they just won't break. It's weird, b/c they're her incisors and you usually don't get those until after the top and bottom front teeth.... who knows! She's taking it like a champ though!
So, what's our Mimi up to these days????
She's a big girl. In size 3 diapers, but I think she may be leveling out. Either that or she's becoming a more efficient eater. We'll see what the scale says! We go to the doctor on February 3rd!
Smiling like crazy! Can't get enough of this!

She's giggling! When I get under her neck or on the inside of her thighs the sweetest little sounds come out! ;-)

What are these daggon things!? I can't figure out how to eat them. She's also been grasping toys and putting them in her mouth. She's also been sucking her thumb, but mostly her entire fist!

Rolling over from my belly to my back! She's so close to rolling from her back to her belly...

My neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger!

She's going to have some gorgeous eyes like her 'sissy'!

Speaking of 'sissy'... Isn't she crazy!? ;-) Amelia's face cracks me up.

I brought up all of her big girl toys this past week! Her head isn't quite strong enough for the jumper, but she can sit in the exersaucer for awhile.

And, you can't forget about the bumbo! I plan on using this alot more with her than I did with Cyd... I'm not looking forward to bringing up that big high-chair! It takes up way too much space.

And, bless her little heart, her hair is a MESS! ;-) It's thinning out as you can see in all of the photos, but she has a HUGE bald spot and a line all the way from ear to ear around the back of her head! AND, you can't forget about all of her hair that didn't fall out on the bottom... Looks like we've got a mullet on our hands! ;-)

I hope you all have a great weekend! I can't take my eyes off the t.v. watching the hope for haiti telethon! My heart breaks and it takes me right back to what I felt when the tsunami and hurricanes came! I pray for their survival. It's incomprehensible what has to happen to get that country functioning again. I hope you are praying and giving what you can too!

Love to all!

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Loiclan said...

What adoreable pictures. I still think she looks an awful lot like Grandma Debbie Naville. Enjoy your girls!!!