Friday, February 12, 2010

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Happy Friday! Man, this week has flown by! I've used every extra second I've had on painting the kitchen... I'm so excited, b/c we are finally going to finish the updating in there! We've updated all the appliances (except the dishwasher), painted it (a burnt yellow-orange, which I LOVE except for one wall), and don't you ever forget about the trim! ;-) So, now we're going to change the sink, faucet and knobs on the cabinets. After that, we're done! Aside from the fact that we're going to eventually gut it...That's a long way down the line though! ;-)

So aside from painting, I just haven't had much to say... So, I'll leave you with some pictures..
Miss 'Mimi' is just the sweetest.
(see those ugly knobs , hideous color & wallpaper in the background... BE GONE! ;-))

She's advanced to the 'big girl' bath with her sissy!

I can't say enough about Cyd. She's a sweetie too! She's reading to her animals here.

This is for Arlene!
She loves her back-pack from Australia! ;-) She takes it with her on walks and every Sunday with her diaper & water in it for class!

New boots!

She's a lucky girl & has her daddy's eyes and a pretty good pal in Bandit!

The Family..
We still love our Colts!

I hope you have a great weekend! Much Love!

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