Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since there's been a few posts' on Amelia, I thought I'd do another one on Cydni! I don't know why, maybe b/c I'm a middle child, I'm always trying to make sure everything is 'equal' with the girls... Taking as many pictures, giving of my time, etc. etc. It's impossible, but I'm trying.

~ FUMBLE! She LOVES playing this game with daddy. It's exactly what you're thinking.

~ Is a crier. Oh Lord help me! She gets her feelings hurt so easily... She picked this trait up from me... Now I know why my parents would get so frustrated when I'd start to cry... I apologized for that last week.... b/c I'm getting a little taste of how frustrating it really is.. and she's ONLY 2! Sheesh, what's it going to be like when she's 16!?

~ This girl has NO FEAR! Remember those shirts in the 90's (that made me sound really old)??? That's what I think of when she's being crazy!

~ Talking up a storm! I sometimes have to stop and count how many words she's said in a sentence. It's crazy how fast it comes on!

~ She's become quite the daddy's girl! I'm with Amelia so much, obviously & rightfully so, so she and Matt have gotten alot of one-on-one time. I'm perfectly fine with that. I love seeing their relationship grow even more that what it already is..

~ Such a sweet girl. However, it seems when we have other kiddo's over, the little devil on her shoulder comes out and she DOES NOT want to share her toys. ;-)

~ She's trying to break her 2 year molars and these are quite a doozy! Man, this whiney, snotty girl has emerged and it's really throwing me for a loop! The snot has subsided, so I'm hoping we're getting a little break. Her bottom ones are thisclose to popping threw. Then, we will start on the top! yay!

~ She loves Amelia...

~ Is so much fun (minus the normal 2 year old stuff)!

~Eating is still a challenge... ugh... I don't understand...
Well, it's only been a month since I did her 2 year update, so that's all I've got for ya! I hope you enjoyed!
Much Love!


the lewis gang said...

i always think about that with taking pics too. being the youngest i had nada...or at least i tease mom about it. i had like 2 pages in my baby book filled out! anyhow, i've come to realize that there will be times i post a ton about jackson because he is doing something new or got a new toy. and then i will do a ton about darbi. then back and forth. i think it evens itself out in the long run!

katy said...

She's a cutie! Kendra is a crier too, but a manipulative crier! Sometimes when those big tears come I have to remind myself that she's doing it because of something ridiculous, like I told her "no". It's hard to not want to totally comfort her when she gets so upset! :)