Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helping Daddy!

We've been doing alot of work oustide lately and Cyd had to get in on the action! She loves being around daddy and will pretty much do anything he's doing! ~These were taken a few weeks ago.~ Once our rododendrums (I have no idea how to spell that, I just sounded it out! haha ;-)), anyways, once they fully bloom, I'm planning on taking some pictures of it all!

We had to borrow Papaw's truck to get a few loads of dirt... Next up, Mulch (probably next weekend! Woohoo!).
If you can't tell, she LOVED riding in the truck! It's the little things!

I hope everyone is having a great, relaxing and DRY Sunday! I'm over this rain! However, apparently, it's exactly what the doctor ordered for my herbs and veggie! Grow, Baby Grow! ;-) Much love!

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