Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Potty Training in Two Days? Is this real!?

'Pee & Poop go in the Potty!' At any given point in the day, we'll start chanting this! haha ;-)
It's been our motto since last week.

Let me preface this by saying that the best advice I ever received on potty training was, "Do NOT push Cydni into something she's not ready for... I wouldn't even begin to try until she was two (She turns 2 1/2 this month).." So, that's what I did... considering this advice was coming from a dear friend who has gone through it with two girls herself! Thanks, Krista! So, how did I know Cyd was ready? Well, you WILL know. What a lame answer, huh!? ;-) You want me to go more in depth?? Ok, she was pooping & peeing when I asked her too. That's when I knew...

Another preface. The first day is hard... It's a new concept for both of you... You just have to keep doing trial & error... Then it will click! It's especially hard with another little one moving around! My advice would be do it while the other child is immobile! We had a little incident... Yes, you guessed right. accident. on the floor. I was in the height of making supper and by the time I got over to it, Mimi was! GROSS!

That flows into my next word of advice, keep meals s.i.m.p.l.e.! I'm talking take-out or sandwiches!

So, I started off with the advice from Krista and then read ~ 'Potty Training 1, 2, 3' by The Ezzo's. We used their whole wet/dry, clean/dirty, mantra. This is where you reward mainly for staying dry or clean. If you reward solely on your child actually going on the potty, then he/she is in control. But, if you reward for dry/clean, then you can reward whenever you want and however many times you want! I made sure we were going to be home for atleast 3 consecutive days and my sole purpose for this time was to concentrate solely on Cyd. The book explains it all.. You don't have to do it in such a short time. You can tailor-make it however you want and whatever works best for your family! Don't get stuck on one idea!

I've used stickers for staying dry and she gets 1 skittle for trying and 2 skittles for doing the deed! You have to keep it fun and interesting or they will very easily get bored with it and you may have to change up the rewards eventually to keep it going.
That's pretty much it! She messed a few times and then it was like a light went off for her... I can seriously say, she was potty-trained in two days... She does still wear a pull-ups at nap/night-time tho. And, we're still working through pooping... She hasn't quite gotten what that sensation is until it's too late. But, atleast she tells me midway and finishes her business on the potty. ;-)

I know this is a long road, and there will be set-backs, but I'm so, so, so proud of my BIG girl!

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katy said...

That is awesome! I think we will try that approach with Kendra after we get into a groove with Bailey because I don't think I can handle it right now, unless she really seems to get it! :)