Sunday, March 6, 2011

16 Weeks

Ugh! I look rough!
The hair is getting chopped... soon! I can't handle it anymore!
My nausea while eating has finally disappeared! But, the headaches are still lingering...
I'm still exhausted! all.the.time! When's it going to end!?
I'm low on iron this go around, so I guess I better go get those supplements my doc was talking about. I wonder if they'll help!?
I've started feeling little pokes and kicks!!
I've gained 2 lbs. and am slowly starting to peek at my maternity clothes selection to see what options I have.
The dot on my eye still hasn't shown up! Thank goodness! I had it with both of my girls!
It's a BOY!
Crazy to even think... All I know is girls.girls.girls. I'm trying to get in the frame of mind of what to do about his room,etc. and I keep drawing blanks! I guess I'll just give it a few weeks until it actually sets in! ;-)

That's all I've got!
Hope you have a great Sunday!


The Ledfords said...

You are just precious! So happy for your family.

Brooke said...

You are so stinkin' cute! Go blue!!

katy said...

You look cute! Your hair has gotten so long! How short will you go when you chop it? I think that my hair right now is the shortest that it has been since the 2nd grade and I am loving it (for the most part). :)

Andrea said...

I'm not sure, Katy. Definitely something shoulder link, maybe a bit shorter with bangs. That's atleast what I'm thinking today! ;-)

mamalouise said...

you seriously are the cutest prego ever. I don't know what you are talking about "rough" look great! Congratulations on your baby boy! It will be a change for sure but a great one! Maybe you and I can bounce ideas off of each other as the girl thing is a change for me! :)