Friday, April 1, 2011

20 Weeks.

Not much going on this month... Except for, I guess, EATING. Apparently, I haven't had any problems with nausea the past 4 weeks, b/c I gained SIX, yes.. 6 POUNDS! Hello, I need an intervention with my Strawberries & Chocolate, French Onion Soup and Little Debbie Brownies! hahaha. I had only gained 2 lbs thus far, so I'm not too concerned... 1/2 way through and 8 lbs gained. Hopefully, this crazy weather will 'peace out' so I can get outside and get active!

Anyways, it's worth it for the little turd.

It's definitely still a boy and I get another ultrasound at 24 weeks! Yay! He was being a major s.t.i.n.k.e.r. and wouldn't let them get a good picture of his heart... The tech said she saw everything and it all looked great, but couldn't get the picture she/doctor wanted... So, bonus ultrasound. Can't beat that!

Without further adieu, Six pounds in all my glory.

Much Love!

Have a great weekend!


kate said...

love the short look great!!

the lewis gang said...

you look great, andrea! i'm so excited for you and your baby boy! the girls will eat him up! i hope you are able to come with beth on monday to go through my boy clothes! i have a TON!!!

The McAfee's said...

8 pounds isn't bad! You gotta look at the whole picture not just one month! :)

Brooke said...

What a beautiful mommy you are! Seriously Andrea ...! Love the hair. Miss you momma!