Monday, May 9, 2011

Amelia's First Hair Cut! (and Cyd's second!)

So, I've been on a hair cutting frenzy. Must be spring fever... Or, b/c so much is changing right now that, why not chop all of our hair off while we're at it! ;-)

There's really not 'alot' changing, but it feels like it! We're smack dab in the thick of combining both girls in one room... (It's getting better) And, I'm loving how it's all turning out... But, I'll save that for another post... And, I started 'finishing' our room, which is on hold again b/c.... I'm finally starting to look for 'ideas' for Eli's room! Which, is it bad that I don't like anything at Babies R Us!? I'm not trying to be picky, but I just don't want anything animal, sports, plaid, disney, etc. etc. I think I'm just going to go plain... I'm thinking that's the only option left! ;-)

ANYWHO! Back to the task at hand! The girls' new 'do's'!

I love little 'bob's' on girls!!!

Love my girls! It's so fun doing this stuff with them!


The McAfee's said...

I understand. I didn't like anything there either. I ordered mine online. I'm a simple gal. That stuff is too much for me too!

The McAfee's said...

btw, love the new styles!

the lewis gang said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! there are times i want to chop darbi's hair off, but it's like her signature, you know? amelia's looks especially cute!