Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creek Walking 2011

With all the rain that came through in April, we had to take advantage of the creek being 'clean'! (however, we did see an impaled cow, but I'm trying to block that from my memory... we think it was swept away by the flood waters!) :(

Other than that nasty, disturbing fact, we had a ball!

Cyd was not waiting around!
One picture as evidence I was there! :)

Anyone heard of 'bloody bones'??? Jan, Janelle, Jana??? Or, is it just the crazy Naville boys who've made this story up!? :)

We had a ball, caught some great pictures and topped off a wonderful Mother's Day! I think it would rank up in one of my top Mother's Day to date!

Much Love from San Diego! I'm having a great time... Missing my girls, but taking full advantage of some 'freedom'. We all need it every now and then! :)


Loiclan said...

Very cute pictures.

Didn't you know "bloody bones is gonna getcha, if you don't watch out". I think that story is why the Naville boys always did and continue to call our basement a "scary basement". Good memories, thanks!!

Enjoy your time away! Safe travels!!

the lewis gang said...

i don't remember bloody bones. must be those naville boys! i love that pic of matt and the girls!!!