Wednesday, June 29, 2011

32 Weeks....

We rang in 32 Weeks (now 33), with celebrating the wedding of my cuz, Amber! :)
I didn't get a picture of the bride, but she was GORGEOUS and Cydni LITERALLY thought she was a princess... The 'White Princess,' in particular! :) It was so sweet and funny!

Nothing to report really...
Cydni and Amelia have felt Eli move and they think it's the coolest thing! :)
And, I feel huge! Especially by the way people look at me and with their comments... It's been interesting to say the least!

We had a little photo shoot pre-wedding! :) Enjoy!

Much Love!


the lewis gang said...

you look awesome and beautiful!! and for those they make comments...screw 'em!! you're the gorgeous momma wearing a non-maternity dress at 32 weeks!

katy said...

You do not look huge! You look beautiful! I finally figured out who it is that I think you look like, Kristen Chenoweth! I think seeing her last night on SYTYCD helped me piece that one together. :)