Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cydni's first surgery (and hopefully last!)

So, a week after San Diego, poor Cyd had to get her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in her ears. She never had chronic ear infections or strep, but per her pediatrician said she had HUGE tonsils. She was also FAILING all her hearing tests. The ENT said she 'heard' like she had ear-plugs in all the time and he assumed her adenoids were big causing them to block her Eustachian tubes, which in turn, caused the 'ear-plug' effect.

Poor girl, doesn't know what's about to hit her...
She was a happy drunk after they gave her the 'princess juice'! :)
Must take after her momma! ;) haha
Love this girl to pieces!
love, love, love how she's looking at her daddy. :)
Playing a little Angry Birds to pass the time...
This makes me sad. :(
She was such a trooper and her recovery process was better than I could've ever expected!
Amelia (and the dogs) enjoying the perks of her sisters pain. :) However, Mimi was recovering from croup and an ear infection too!
We're almost done weaning her from the pain meds, but other than that, I would say she's fully recovered! Her voice completely weirds us out! :) It used to be real nasally, but now it's a 'soft' high-pitched tone. I wish she could explain how different she feels... Looking forward to see what the ENT has to say in a week and how the hearing tests change!

Much Love and Happy whatever day this gets posted! :)


The McAfee's said...

I'm so glad she is doing better. I can't wait to hear what the dr says either. That's interesting about her voice.

the lewis gang said...

i've heard so many people say that about the voice thing. we will prob have to have darbi's out soon too. she gets some ear infections, but her tonsils are HUGE. we also wonder since she's so clumsy about her balance. i know the middle ear has something to do with that. i'm so glad to hear the recovery was quick!

The Eberle Family said...

Ethan had his tonsils and adenoids out last year in March also for large tonsils and adenoids--best thing we ever did for the kid!! When he came out of surgery our surgeon told us that his adenoids were blocking 90% of his breathing!!! 90%!!! He is so much healthier now....and his voice also changed!! Isaac had tubes about a month ago for chronic fluid and failing pressure tests in his ears and it sounds like everyone is using a microphone now. Glad it went so well for you guys!