Monday, June 20, 2011

Naville Boys stay at the Naville Girls House! :)

So, a few weeks ago, Jerry & Kasie set off for their 10 YEAR Anniversary to Destin!

Yay to them!

While they were gone, we kept Jude & Ben for 3 nights & 3 days (Gpa & Gma Naville came and got them for the next 2 nights and 2 days) and Braune stayed with us the whole time. I tell you what, I can't believe how well it went! Their kiddos are on the same routine/schedule as ours, so we basically did our normal thing each day, but with more kids! :) It was crazy and insane, b/c there were so many kids and the littlest thing like going to the bathroom, brushing teeth or even getting dressed seemed like a daunting task, but we overcame! :) haha By Wednesday night, I feel like I had it mastered! ... and, then they left the next day... :) I would get everything ready the night before and have meals planned out, so the only thing I had to do was execute everything! And, it went great b/c I had GREAT kiddo's helping me through the day!

The only glitches I had to deal with was with the TOYS and hoarding them! Imagine that. I'm not about to complain though! It went awesome!

Each day, we headed outside for awhile! Braune was usually asleep during this time.

Baby Braune (baby to us! :))!
He was Matt's little buddy! (can't wait for Eli!)
This picture turned out weird!
Crazy Amelia.
Big Boy Jude! Completely insane that he's going to be FIVE!

On Wednesday, a friend and I took everyone to a local theater where they offer a free movie during the summer! That week it happened to be Despicable Me and they loved it! Of coarse, I didn't have time for a picture! :)

And, Jude wouldn't let us forget about 'punching'! :) They had a ball with the Kinect!

Mimi trying to get some real wrestling in!
And, our week went just about as fast as you read this entry!
Before we knew it, it was over! :)

I miss those boys! :) But, I just don't think I could convince Matt, or myself, to have 5 kids & another on the way! :) I definitely crashed hard afterwards!

Major props to those momma's out there who have lots of kiddo's! I think we're stopping with three! :) haha. Next post... 3.2. weeks! Holy Moly!

Hope you have a great week! Much Love!


the lewis gang said...

you are one heck of a woman taking care of 5 kids under 5 while pregnant!! shewy! i think kasie and jerry owe you! :) start planning your 10th anniversary getaway now! :)

The McAfee's said...

I love chaos! Looks like a great time!! :)