Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cydni's in Preschool!

I mean, seriously, my life is flashing before my eyes! This sweet, big girl is taking her first big step into independence... :( It's a mix of emotions for me because she loves it and needs it, but she is also my baby and I don't want her growing up so fast!

Her first day.

Woohoo! I'm getting out of the house! :)

Little Miss Shadow misses her 'sissy'.


Believe it or not, I didn't tear up until I was driving away from dropping her off! If you know me, that's a huge accomplishment! :) I attribute it to not having any time to even think about it until that morning! haha. :)
Three weeks in and she is having a blast, learning a ton and we haven't heard her talk about one girl.... Aiden & Cooper seem to have left a mighty impression in her mind. :) If she starts talking about a boyfriend already, I might pull her out of school! :) I kid.

Well, of coarse, Elijah is screeching, so that's it for now!

Much Love!


The McAfee's said...

Aww!! They do grow up too fast!! I love that braid!!!! I cannot wait to braid Nora's hair!! I think it's gonna be a while though!! ha!

the lewis gang said...

our good friend tracy noble teaches there! is that her teacher? small world! glad she is having a blast and loving it!!!

Andrea said...

No, Tracy isn't her teacher. Ms. Jamie and Ms. Lauren are. All the teachers help out here and there, so she may know who Cyd is..???