Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Easing out of Stalkerdom..

Ok, so bare with me... I have been an AVID stalker of more than quite a few of you for some time now (the blog roll is just the start of it! ;-) It's so addicting, like facebook and myspace... each blog is so interesting and different. It's neat to keep up with it - As you all know!) and swore that I would never start my own blog until I was a stay-at-home mom... Why? I have no idea. But, on Monday, I just figured, "Hey, why not!?" I don't have the best grammatical skills, nor am I in no way funny, but I try. I also "write how I would speak," another big no no in grammer city, but who cares! This is my blog, right!? Anyhow, I'm sorry if you end up shaking your head at my insanity. ;-) ---- (For some reason, I love to add in that winking smiley face and I love using exclamation points.. Again, I have no idea why, part of many of my wierd tendencies! I even do it texting!) ---- I digress. So, I guess I'll start off with my "story" of sorts.

I'm what, almost 29, geez...where has the time gone!? I graduated from Indiana State University (where I met my love), moved home (Poseyville), moved to Indy, married my love, moved to Floyds Knobs, had my adorable daughter and finally moved to Borden on the beautiful Huber Winery. We rent a house from the Huber's and are literally surrounded by thier vineyards. We hope to, in the near future, begin building.... Ask me tomorrow and we will be looking to purchase a house. Our minds change with the wind! ;-) Ooops, there I go again with the exclamation point and smiley face. sorry.

That's the smallest glimpse of my life that I've ever detailed...there is so much more to it. I love the Lord and He is my Savior. I have a wonderful family, married into a wonderful family and have the most amazing friends that life could offer... It seems as if it really can't get any better right now. God has been/is so good to us! It's pretty amazing to look back at where He's taken us and we look forward to what He has in store for us!

Right now, my mind is in full planning mode for my daughters 1st birthday party! It really has been a year! Pinch me! I can't wait to post some pictures. That's one more reason I started the blog now. I want a better way to track our lives, so we will one day be able to look back and really get a feel for what went on! I'm not much of a scrapbooker, I do take lots of friends and family can attest to that, and I just "keep up" with her baby book, so I feel inclined to do more...for her...

gosh, what else? any questions?

Shout out to Arlene! Thanks for "stylizing" my blog! Luvs it!

I guess I'll end with pictures! Enjoy!

Me and My Best Bud! This is Cyd and her cousin Evie (Evelyn). They are two days apart.

Yes, I got her ears pierced!

My "Hoehn" cousins!
My "Naville" Cousins!


Courtney said...

Hey Lady!...Katie sent me your "I started a blog" email. I always love the pics of Cydni she forwards to me so I'm looking forward to your "scrapbook blog" now too!
sidenote: LOVE your blog header...too cute!

Rhyme and Reason said...

I am so excited that you have joined the blogger world! Welcome! By the way Ms. Blog left out the part where you live on a vineyard! Amazing!! Can't wait to hear more about your lives! Cydni is so cute!!

kdurec said...

Good for you starting a blog. :) It's a good way to keep up to date with everyone... and whenever I can't remember exactly when Kendra did something, like roll over, I just look to the blog! :)