Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We've got a walker!

Cyd's been working hard! She's fine-tuning her walking skills and getting better and better every day! She'll still drop to her knees, but today she has just been walking across rooms like it's nothing!
She also just broke tooth #8!
Good work Cyd! ;-)


kdurec said...

Way to go Cydni!

I am so ready for Kendra to join Cyd in that area of growth, but she has no interest!

Brooke said...

Great job Cydni! Now you will be keeping mommy on her toes!

Anonymous said...

ahhh... soo cute:)
I LOVE your blog:) Adorable!

Emily said...

The last post was from Emily... not sure why it says it was anonymous... emily-nuerohr.blogspot.com