Wednesday, March 18, 2009

14 Months & 12 Weeks

Another post that is more for me.... But, if you would like to know what my child has been doing lately and what I look like at 12 weeks, read on! ;-)

Well, our little munchkin is now 14 months! Wow! I feel like a broken record when I say it's going by way too fast! She's been doing so much lately... If I repeat some things, sorry... I'm sure I will probably leave some things out too...

~She said "Charlie" the other day! haha Random. She and Evie can't say anyones name, aside from mom & dad, but they'll say Charlie!? If you're wondering who Charlie is, he's Chana & Ryan's dog that she sees everyday over at Tiff's house.

~She STRETCHES. You say s-t-r-e-t-c-h and she'll put her arms above her head and really stretch...

~We're completely on whole milk with only a morning bottle. I'm on the fence as to when I'm going to take this bottle out. I want to do it tomorrow, but she still isn't great with drinking milk with her meals... I just find it SO WEIRD that she'll go from having 7+ ounces of milk a day, down to just a few... Sometimes it seems she wouldn't even get an ounce with the way she is with her sippy... Any thoughts suggestions on this? please!

~She points at the dogs and says, "Stop!" She'll just walk around the house with that pointer finger just shakin'! So cute!

~She's making strides in the food department. First she started with the mashed potatoes/turkey/carrots toddler meal, then she was taking bites of our pizza, then spaghetti and last night I got her to eat ravioli's with carrots, corn & peas! Woohoo! I'm just going to keep offering it! I think she's following in my footsteps with loving marinara! She also loves her yogurt, breakfast bars, cheerios, gold fish, crackers, pieces of our chips & pop tarts. Her all-time favorites right now is BANANAS! She eats a whole one for breakfast with oatmeal! And, of coarse, all of her baby food that is thrown in there at lunch & sometimes supper now.

~She LOVES being outside and any type of doggie!

~It's so nice to live on Huber Winery! They have a petting zoo that we have walked down to every night that have DUCKS GALORE! And, Cyd just LOVES it! Duck, Duck, Duck is all she says. So funny and so sweet! I can't wait to actually get in there and walk around to all the other animals! She has no fear though.. She would walk right into that lake after those ducks if we weren't stopping her! Scary!

~What else!? I know I'm leaving something out! I'm just loving this stage!


As for me, at 12 weeks... Pretty boring. I'm starting to get my energy back. I hope it's because I'm on my way out of the 1st tri-mester, but the weather could be helping too. And, I'm always hungry! I only gained 2 lbs at my appointment, which completely surprised me, but, seriously, NOTHING satisfies my hunger! I went to Qdoba last Friday and that didn't even fulfill me. I was full, but wasn't satisfied. Ugh. Hopefully, that will pass soon too.

Enough about me. Here's my bump. No, I'm not pushing it out! ;-)


kdurec said...

You look great. :)

Cyd sounds like she is doing so well! We are still doing the very last nighttime bottle, but are about to phase it out as Kendra rejects it half the time anyway. I had the hardest time letting go of the morning bottle for the same reason as you, but since we've done it Kendra has started drinking more milk out of her sippy since it's the only thing she gets it from. I hope Cyd does great when you decide to drop it!

deyoungsters said...

she is so cute, and you look great!
yay for the second trimester! : )