Thursday, March 5, 2009


Baby girl, b/c she will always be my baby, just broke her first molar! She's taken it like a champ for sure. I usually only know it's tough for her when her nose is all snots & boogs...knock on wood!

New tricks up her sleeve... She'll "moo," mostly with Tiffany b/c of a certain book... She now knows: head, eyes, nose..honks it actually, mouth, ears & belly.... again... only when she wants too! ;-) But, she has been doing it more and more...
Now, for the pictures! Enjoy!

I just had to take a picture of her cute little butt with her spandex on! ;-)

This is for you Katie, she loves her shirt.

I look so WEIRD in this photo!

Having fun with Grandma D's glasses!

Watch out!

When I shrug my shoulders, she'll shrug hers back! haha

We love our Saturday Baby Einstein time!


Emily said...

Ahh So CUTE:) So cute:) So what was cydnis heart beat when she was in your womb?? Today we went for an ultrasound and baby did not want to let us sneak a peak at its privates.. it was in the praying position.. so presh! The heartbeat was right arount 152ish again and well.. trying to figure out if we have a boy or a girl:) as u can tell Im ready to know:)

kdurec said...

I love the baby butts in spandex! :)