Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Man & Me

Well, I got tagged and now I tag YOU!

How long have you been together? 8 years. Married for 4 in March.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? We were "acquaintances" for a while and ran into each other quite a bit... We had a lot of mutual friends... Oh, the college days. The funny thing is that I vividly remember, and this is SO bad of me at the time, but I told my ex when we were dating that if I wasn't with you, I'd be with him (Matt)!!! Oh, the irony of it! Who would've know it would've ended up actually happening! ha!

Tybee Island - Paula Dean's Restaurant - Ladys & Sons

Who asked who out? Well, I guess in a sense, I did.. We were at ATO Rose and Scott Kruekeberg was playing with his band Why'd Awaken. I couldn't see, so I asked if I could get on Matt's shoulders! haha! RANDOM! Again, college days... From then, we dated on and off and after begging him to take me back he succumbed to the pressure in March '01! hahah. Haven't looked back since.

How old were each of you when you met? We both were 19...

How old are each of you now? Matt is 28 and I am 29. Yes, I'm older and I'm proud of it! ;-) hha

Tybee Island

Do you have any children together? Cydni Marie and Baby Bean on the way!

What about pets? We have to Shih Tzu's. Rocky & Bandit.

Did you go to the same school? Same college. Indiana State University.

Who is the smartest? UM, that's not a hard one at all! Matt BY FAR! Presidents scholar, full-ride and master spreadsheet maker! ;-)

Tybee Island

Who's the most sensitive? No question. ME!

Where do you eat out most as a couple? QDOBA! I would guarantee that there are times when we eat there once a week for a month straight...

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Maui and that's one place that I WILL revisit!

Who has the worst temper? Oh goodness.. We both are pretty impatient, but Matt trumps me on the level-headedness, so me, b/c I take it a bit further at times with my temper! ;-)

Who does the cooking? We both do.... Luckily, Matt loves cooking. We go in spurts with who cooks more....

Who does the dishes? I do. all.the.time. But, to give Matt credit, I insist, b/c I'm particular about how Cyd's bottles get washed.

Who hogs the bed? The dang dogs.

Who wakes up earlier? During the week, we get up at the same time, but on the weekend, I usually get up with Cyd and let him come out whenever...

Do you have little pet names for each other? I call him "Hon" a lot, but we really don't have a singular name for each other. Just whatever comes to mind... Sometimes sweet, others...not so much! hahah

Who eats more? Right now I'm eating as much, if not more than him! I'm dreading that scale!

Who snores? I don't think either one of us do... There are occassions when I hear Matt, but they are few and far between...

***I do have to do a tag here for him. He's such a great husband and father and I feel like I'm the luckiest girl around! He sacrifices so much for our family and I just can't imagine my life in any other place. I love you, hon!***

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