Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little of this & that...

We are just loving this warmer weather... The last two days have been rainy, but it's so nice just to throw on a light jacket!

Look at that belly!
These two never cease to crack us up! Literally, two peas in a pod!

Wonder who they get this from??? Not Tiff & I! ;-)

Cyd ran out in the tall grass and sat down and Evie was going to join her...until she got to the tall grass... she turned right back around! Sorry, Cyd, you're going to have to get back on your own!

They meet again.

We're practicing for Easter!

Mission accomplished! ;-)

Time to go night, night!


Cyd has been doing great lately... Well, minus the little temper tantrums! ;-) They seem to be happening more often lately, but, in her defense, I was feeling around in her mouth yesterday and her second molar has broken through AND both of her bottom molars are making their way up! geez! Poor thing! So, I don't mind the tantrums, well, I guess it depends on what mood I'm in... ;-) It's just part of it.

Her vocabulary just keeps expanding and "puppy" is her latest word she keeps saying over and over. So cute! My mind is completely drawing a blank as to what else she's saying. She tries to mimick everything we say, but sometimes nothing comes out or it doesn't sound anything like what we had said. haha.

She loves books and is actually starting to sit through us reading them! Especially at night-time. She's sooo sweet. Just sits there all calm and relaxed.. Melts our hearts!

Dr. Brown's is officially put up on the shelf waiting for Baby Bean #2! She's doing awesome without them (bottles if you don't know what I'm talking about) and doing awesome with her sippy. I don't know why I ever worry, b/c it always seems she just picks it up right when she needs to...

Eating... ugh, eating... she's definitely making strides, but completely refuses to try some new things! It's so weird! Even good stuff like jello. It took her FOREVER to take some bites of it! I'm just going to keep trying.... Last night, I tried those little turkey things (that kids are supposed to LOVE). Nope, not her. atleast not yet. She won't try any diced fruit... She's been doing good with the toddler meals and some of our table-food... I was eating some tomatoes with ranch (Yummy! ;-)) and she just HAD to have a taste! She loved the ranch, of coarse, but the tomatoes popped right back out of her mouth! ;-) We'll get there. If she's anything like me, tomatoes will be one of her FAVES!

And, lastly, her paci. That's going to be our next big feat! Whether it's a month or 6 months (tops for me) from now, I'm DREADING taking that away! I'm sure she'll surprise us and do fine, but anybody out there have any special tips??? It's relinquished right now to the car seat (It's so funny, b/c when I'm getting ready to get her out of the car, she'll just hand it to me and be fine! haha....) and sleep-time & sometimes when she's begging for it.... I'm not in a real hurry right now to get rid of it... I'm not a fan, but if that soothes her, then so be it.... but, just thinking about taking it away makes my head spin! It brings her comfort and I feel bad... and, let's be honest, the "looks" I sometimes get and conversations I hear get to me and make me feel guilty for her having one... But, I know that I'm not a bad mommy just b/c she has one.... to each their own! You never know until you're there. end rant.

Anyways, that's enough for today! Happy Thursday! Keep praying for Baby Stellan!


tiffany said...

I join your rant b/c I too dread getting rid of that darn thing. However, I will be glad b/c it makes Evie's little breath so stinky sometimes. We just need to prepare ourselves for screaming wanting paci like we had to do with trying to get them to lay down by themselves without us rocking them. I'm sure we too will shed a few tears wanting to help but will have to tell each other to be strong!! I'm glad we have to go through this together..haha!!!

Emily said...

I love the pictures.... my mom said when i was about 9 months I threw my paci out of my crib and she just deciced to get rid of all of them and I was sad a few nights but eventually forgot all about it! good luck my friend:) and saying lots of prayers for lil stellan!

kdurec said...

I wouldn't stress about the paci. :) We took Kendra's away and as you may have noticed after a couple of months gave it back (she was still sleeping with it). With her ear infections and tubes procedure it was too much to ask her to deal with without it (and us, honesetly). So right now she still has it. Maybe when I can set up a rewards system with her I will take it away, but it is not a stressor for me anymore.

And the looks... I get them all the time for Kendra's tantrums (she throws LOUD ones EVERYWHERE over EVERYTHING). I've just had to decide that I can't control when and where she tantrums, I can only control my response. I think that's just how parenting is, all we can do is our best and if someone disagrees with our style then they will just have to get over it. : )

Janelle and Damon said...

we didn't drop the paci with jackson until he was 21-22 months old. i wanted to earlier, but between moving into our house and having a new sister, i thought that was just too much to handle. being a teacher, i also wanted to wait until i had a week off to work on it in case it was bad news so i did it over winter break. if i were you, i would drop it in the next few months or wait until your new baby is 3-4 months old. the new baby will be change enough. we got rid of it by snipping a little piece of it off every couple of days. that way the "suck" that calms them slowly fades. the first night jackson said, "it's broke, mommy." i told him that it was broken because he was getting too big for it. we had been prepping him the weeks before telling him that his paci was going to go bye-bye. it took about a week. by the end of that week, the paci left. he fussed (not even cried) for the first night time and nap time, but it's been cake since! i think what can help too is if you make it strictly for night time and nap time first. that's the only time we used it with him so that made it easier. he knows pacis are for babies, like darbi. i have a friend who sent her little boy's paci up in a balloon and he watched it go bye-bye. it worked for them, but it was a little too cold turkey for me. i've also heard of paci fairies. they take the paci and leave something else. i feel like those last 2 ways were for kids a bit older. that's too complex for a 1 1/2 year old. just some thoughts. keep me updated on how it goes. good luck!

Janelle and Damon said...

also, ever heard of babywise? it is my baby bible! check it out! jackson slept through the night at 8 1/2 weeks old and darbi at 8 weeks. i've never had to rock them to sleep. i also have a ton of friends and family who have used it too. works wonders!!

Brooke said...

Well ... as for the paci ... no luck here. With both of Tyson's surgeries and the transition to the big boy bed on top of the twins arrival in the next few weeks, the last thing I am going to do is make him sleep w/o it. No worries, it will come with time! He does not have it at school for nap time gut he has it at bedtime. I can thank daycare that he does not have it all of the time. They have been much more strict about it than we have. As for the looks, I figure it can't be worse than the looks I will get when we are out with 3 under 3 :) You will do just fine and so will she when it is time.