Monday, April 13, 2009

16 weeks

Wow, this is going by really fast!

I'm beginning to think more PINK is in our future! ;-) Why? Well, my pregnancy seems to be so much like the way I was with Cydni. The only real "side-effects" I'm having is car-sickness - I thought it was from Matt's driving, but I was driving on our ever-so-windy roads and started feeling sick, so I guess I can't blame it on him anymore! ;-) - I'm SO SICK of my bloody noses and my sleep issues have caused me to turn to Tylenol PM.... I'm still having my "nothing sounds or taste good" problem.... But, that's about it! So, I can't complain! Right now, I'm in the "in-between" stage with clothes. Maternity clothes are ginormous on me and my regular clothes are getting to the uncomfortable stage. I bought some belly bands to get me through the next few weeks, but today I didn't want to fool with them and wore some big maternity pants. Comfortable makes me happy! ;-)

***For My Records***

Now that Cyd is over her bug, she's been back to normal and fun as ever! Matt & I drove about an hour away to Columbus for a retirement party on Friday and she went with us... We were about 10 minutes away when she started getting bored, so Matt turned up the radio and we started shaking our heads "singing," or maybe common folk would call it screaming! ;-) Well, bad idea, b/c she now thinks it's fun to scream anytime, anywhere! ;-) Quite embarrassing when you're in a very quiet restaurant with some people not thinking it was funny! ;-) Oh well, we were laughing. Kids will be kids!

While we were on that hour long trip we decided to think of what all she's been doing & saying lately. So, at almost 15 months, her vocabulary consists of:

Puppy, Poppi (g-pa), baby (sounds like be'be'), bubble, dog, mommy, daddy, thank you, stop, duck, out, hey, hi, cat, ball, what's that and UH OH!

She signs: Please, more, thank you, all done and milk

Animal sounds: cow, elephant & monkey... She does cow consistently, but not monkey or elephant! ;-)

She sings, "EIEI O!" She's always walking around singing something now.... I've noticed that if she's upset and I start singing, she just watches me intently and calms down... Probably wondering why in the world I would subject her to such an atrocity of a voice!

If you catch her "on a mission," she'll be swingin' that arm as forcefully as she can to help her get to where she needs to go! ;-)

She's great at giving kisses.... and in turn smacking you in the face.... NOTSOFUN! We've had to do 2 time-outs in her bed and there's been quite a bit of "hand squeezing" and firm "NO, We don't hit so and so and/or take away thier toy. That's NOT NICE!" Remember when her heart would break when I told her no? Well, now, it doesn't even phase her! She looks at me like, you have no idea what you're talking about! ... I think I like her tearing up better! '-)

Oh, and someone, anyone, PLEASE offer up some tips on table food! This is such a struggle for me! I get SO frustrated that one day she will eat stuff off our plate and the other she won't! Even if it's the SAME EXACT THING! ugh! Even little toddler meals... She won't touch it one night and the next, she'll eat it. I have to force it in her mouth sometimes to show her that she likes it and then she'll eat the whole meal! It's like this with everything and wearing me out!

And then, I look at this face and forget all about it....
So sweet.

It's Monday.and raining. blah. I'm so ready for these April showers to be over! Bring on the May flowers, please! Hope everyone had a great Easter. I'm sure I'll do a post on that later in the week.


Courtney said...

Look at that bump grow! haha!

kdurec said...

I read that it's very normal at this developmental stage for babies to test out their independence by eating something one day and completely rejecting it the next. Kendra does it all the time. There are always differing opinions out there, but the one I'm going with is to not force the food issue. If she wants it she'll eat it, if not... then she'll be a little bit hungry til the next meal or appropriate snack time and that's that. :)

Emily said...

ahhh very cute belly pic:) u are stinking adorable:) and love the pics of cynd!

Arlene said...

Look at BOTH your bellies! hahaha too cute!