Friday, April 10, 2009

They don't fib when they tell you...

that you feel the second baby sooner than you did the first! It feels just as glorious as when I first felt Cyd (which was around 20 weeks)! I was sitting in bible study last night and allofasudden, I felt little nudges on the bottom of my belly... I thought, "No... it's too early!" and I just kinda went on listening, then all of a sudden, tiny little poke,poke,poke... over and over again! SO FUN! We were talking about Jesus' crucifixion and the criminals that were there with Him in that moment & I couldn't even concentrate! It must've been Kasie's tea! If so, thanks Kasie! I'll remember last night forever!

So, first movement, April 9th, 2009. 15 weeks 5 days.

16 week post coming soon! Happy Friday & Happy Easter!

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