Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, at 14 1/2 months, we're dealing with a prolonged fever. We've been so very blessed & lucky that Cyd has been incredibly healthy this whole time... until now. Yes, we had a few minor colds, but nothing that held a fever for 4 days! It started Friday night & her temp averaged 102 the entire weekend. Tylenol & Motrin would get the temp down, but nothing really below 100. So, off to the doc on Monday we went! I was thinking virus... Verdict is: Ear infection in one ear, the other is somewhat "irritated," her throat looks "nasty" (as the doc described), but wouldn't give her meds for that-b/c of her age- AND LOTS of teeth coming in! Poor girl! The doc is hoping that the amoxicilan that she prescribed for her ear infection will clear up her throat too.... if it's bacterial, if not, it's just going to have to run it's coarse. I stayed home with her again today b/c the doc said she probably needed one more day... I wanted to give her a day without fever so we could somewhat make sure she wouldn't pass it on to Evie right before Easter.... So, that's what's been occupying my time & thoughts lately! I'm glad we finally got some answers!


On another note, to pass some of the sick time, Dad, Debbie, Chad & Jen came to visit on Sunday! It was so nice to see them and spend the day just enjoying each others company! Unfortunantly, Cyd wasn't in the best of moods, but she was a trooper! Enjoy the pictures!

Taking her baby for a walk

Giving Poppy kisses!

Look at this look! Hard-telling what's going on in that little head of hers!

She conned Poppy into blowing bubbles! ;-) Or, was it me doing the conning! ;-)

Conned Jen into giving her some of her banana.

Chad learning to read before his kiddos get here! ;-)

and conned Granny into playing.

Granny & Poppy.

With Uncle Chad & Aunt Jen

It was a great day with lots of conning! ;-) No, I think they were all happy to do whatever made the little feverish child happy! ;-) We love you guys & thanks for coming! See you in a few weeks!


The Utley Crew said...

Poor baby! Hope she is feeling better soon! I loved all the pics you and Brooke had from your visit to see her....SO cute!

kdurec said...

Wow, you are lucky! I didn't realize Cydni hadn't gotten really sick before! But now it sounds like you are dealing with everything at once! At least it looks like Cydni had lots of entertainment to get her through her rough days. :) I hope she is healthy and happy very very soon!

Emily said...

I hope cyd starts feeling better.. no fun!!! Poor lil one! Hope you are feeling well.. have you decided if you are going to find out or not?? Have a huntch of what you think you might be having?