Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun times!

3 posts in 3 days! I must not have much to do! ;-) Tomorrow is the big day! So, you will probably be hearing from me again! Is it another girl or is it a boy!?!? Take a guess! Quick, you've got exactly 24 hours!
We went to Huber's Petting Zoo this past weekend and all my child wanted to do was play on the playground! Um, I'm sure I will be finding some FREE playgrounds in my future, unless I can convince Mr. Huber to give us a free pass with rent! haha! ;-) Worth a try!

Please excuse my pasty, WHITE self! ugh!

Peacocks! Cyd LOVED the roosters & chicks that were in there!

I swear, she would walk right into that water after those ducks.

Trying on Mr. Potato Head glasses at Jerry & Kasie's!

Ben too!

Such a BIG GIRL in her summer clothes! ;-) Her hair is wet, b/c she had just taken her nasty, spaghetti hand and tried to pull out that rubber-band.



Arlene said...

I love those pics of the kids with the Mr. Potato head glasses hahahaha. Spring brings fun days doesn't it! Can't wait to hear the news on Thursday. I'm guessing its going to be a boy..

mamalouise said...

I love when the babes sport their t-shirts, diapers and shoes! Its adorable! I tell JD all the time that he should enjoy this because it won't be forever that he gets to look cute this way! You look amazing! Seriously...can you carry my next child so I don't have to? :)

mamalouise said...

oh and I guess its another girl! :)

kdurec said...

I guess it's a girl!

Emily said...

I say girl.. but hurry up and update:) Cant wait to know:)