Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drum Roll, Please....

Sorry I didn't get to this post yesterday. I was out & about all day long! So, here you go!








mamalouise said...

ITS A GIRL! Another PINK PARTY is in order...but this time for baby to be! :) Congrats!!

Courtney said...

CONGRATS on another little lady!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Emily said...

ahh yeah:)
Another girl:)
Soo happy for you:) If we lived closer are lil girls would soo be bffs:)

the lewis gang said...

congratulations! matt is going to be the next john loi with 3 daughters! i hope everything looked good health-wise! take care of yourself and that baby girl!

kdurec said...

Congrats on another little girl! It will be so fun having two girls close together! :) (And my prediction was right!)

Arlene said...

You just need to buy your own Target store right now! Cyd is going to have a ball having a little sissy around! Congratulations you guys!

Sorry about the denseness last night haha. I think even if you wrote girl on your shirt, I still wouldn't have guessed! ^_^

The Utley Crew said...

Yay, CONGRATS! I guess I am biased, but I LOVE having 2 girls. Nothing better! ;) Tell Matt to be prepared...Scott was all excited because we already had a ton of clothes, etc. Welllll...I just went out and bought all matching clothes...it's addicting! ha!