Friday, May 22, 2009

I think I'm obsessed...

Of taking pictures of my daughter... I know all moms are like this, but sometimes, I have to check myself and say, "Enough is enough!" ;-) She's so fun, gorgeous and down-right rotten, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, maybe I would like if she wasn't so finnicky with textures/eating, but hey, we're making strides every day!!

We are a family of routines... I'm a complete advocate of whatever works for you family and routines have made this family happy! ;-) Our current routines are about to be uprooted, but I'm so excited about it! Anyways, digressing once again... In the morning, daddy gets her. They come see me getting ready and I pile on the kisses. Once Daddy says, "Banana," she says, "Bye, Bye" to me! He goes and gets her breakfast ready and she feeds herself. Then, I come in when Daddy leaves. I give her crackers to change her (b/c she's stubborn and will throw a fit if I don't, but if she has her crackers, she's a dream ;-) - moral - choose your battles). She's changed and ready to go play with VEVIE (Cyd calls her vevie, but everyone else calls her, EVIE! ;-))

This picture is of her eating her crackers while I'm running around getting stuff ready for Tiff's and messing with the dogs.
Love her curly cues! She inherited her mom's THIN hair and a handful of her dad's curls! GORGE...atleast mommy & daddy think so! ;-)

Bedtime routine... Sometimes bath comes before, sometimes not, but we get her all changed & in her jammies, wither her milk and paci and read 3 books. 7:30-8 Lights out!

Random fun picture.

Hope you enjoyed! It's Friday and you know what that means!? 3 DAY WEEKEND & 4 (not counting today) DAYS left of work! WOOHOO!

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Brooke said...

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures! She is a doll!