Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I'm sure there are going to be a ton of blog posts' about their "special" last night and I just had to throw my two cents in to see if I'm the only one that feels this way or not....????

1. The show had a very uncomfortable feel to it! I mean, I kept telling Matt that it's just so weird how they are acting. It was like how I acted in high school and college... They hardly spoke to one another at the kids party.. It was so uncomfortable! I can't imagine how the other adults that were actually there felt!

2. Even though they say they are 'there,' they're NOT! And, those kids can sense that! Just like one of the girls said to Jon at the b-day party, "Daddy, don't go again!" It broke my heart!

3. Um, alot of people are hard on Kate for how demanding she is and I can't really comment, b/c I'm not in her situation... She has 8 kids... and I don't know how I'd act if I were in her situation, BUT, did you get the feeling that she was placing ALL the blame on Jon!? She had snide remarks that just disgusted me! Like, 'I've got to do it alone...blahblahblah, the party must go on!' UM, the last you said, you were flying across the country all the time and JON is at home all the time... Where is HIS time away!? Yes, he does have help, just as she did getting the party set-up. She may have went to the store by herself, but give me a break!

4. I'm quite positive that Jon isn't innocent in this situation, but I can't help but feel sorry for him.

5. OK, so this is my last thought, I promise! I think they need to pull the plug on all this celebritiness (Is that even a word)!? SERIOUSLY! What happened to them!? If Kate was devoted to her kids, she would give up all her jet-setting and be at home with her kids and work on her marriage...

Just my opinions!!! Comments??? I want to hear what you're thinking!


The Utley Crew said...

Yes, it was very uncomfortable to watch, I agree. I haven't watched in a few seasons, because Kate got to be a bit TOO much, and I started to feel sorry for the kids, but I did watch last night, because of all the hype. I wanted to see what was going on.

The only part of the whole episode that I liked was the very last part, when they were having the cook-out and acting like normal people. I felt like Kate was over compensating most of the episode for her behavior in the past and her never being there. She was almost fake, like trying to be fun and laid back about the party and the kids getting ready, etc. I wasn't buying that at all. Or, maybe that is the real Kate and she has been putting on in the past, I don't know...but it was weird. And, them at the party...AWKWARD!

I don't know. I think they need to just pull the plug on the show and work on their family. They will live without the free clothes and hand outs, and they might even have to downsize their home, staff, etc. But, that's life. They seriously need to get their priorities in order.

And, as for Jon...I think he's a good guy, but he has that typical, 'I married too young, now I am in over my head, I am going to go out and act like a 21 yr old because I didn't get to when I was 21' mentality and that drives me bonkers.

mamalouise said...

Okay so I had to comment...so here is my OPINOINATED take. First off, NEVER been a J&K+8 fan and last night was literally my first show. I watched because I wanted to hear what they had to say for themselves as all of the commercials were implying that it was their first time together and I have a PEOPLE subscription so have been reading about them.

Anywho...my take (again coming from a non watcher to this point) is that Jon has COMPLETELY peaced out of the relationship, the marriage and as a father. I do not feel bad for him in the least. He is acting like a freaking teenager that isn't getting exactly what he wants and so therefore is just gonna quit. It doesn't sound like he cheated on her, but he is going through some mid life crisis or something and that is not an excuse to peace out on your family.

I totally disagree with you on #3. I can't imagine having to plan JD's birthday party all by myself without the love and support of my husband and I only have ONE child. The fact that he showed up late to his own children's bday party and didn't even know what was going on was awful. I know she is "jet setting" but isn't it for making money for the fam? Not for "play?" Jon used to GET to go to work while she stayed at home. Sounds like he just isn't taking the role reversal well and is acting like a BABY!

Overall it sounds like if we watch this season we are going to watch a divorce play out. As a child who watched her parents divorce they are sooo kidding themselves that "they are just focused on the kids and making sure they are okay." Kids are never the same when the parents seperate. I wish I could say we are, but we aren't. The best thing they could do for their children is to work on their marriage and stay together.

If nothing else, this is sad. Mostly for the children as I can't imagine.

Opinoinate mamalouise :)

Andrea said...

I do agree on the midlife crisis thing. I definitely think that if you saw all of the seasons, you would be more compassionate with Jon. It tells you something that her OWN brother and sister-in-law have 'backed up' Jon! The party stuff was just a show! She wouldn't have had him doing anything anyways... She's a very independent, controlling person and her acting 'helpless' was a laugh!

That's just my opinion! I've been an avid viewer all seasons and I KNOW ALL!!! hahahah! KIDDING!

kdurec said...

I didn't watch last night's show, but I used to watch this show ALL THE TIME, so I'm pretty sure that I've seen the first 3 1/2 seasons-ish.

These are just my opinions. :)

I quit watching the show because of how Kate treated Jon. She was so belittling and domineering with him that I felt as though it wasn't something that I needed to be filling my head with. The thing that bothered me the most was not that she struggled with these issues, but that she pretty much has never apologized for how she has always (on-air, anyway) treated Jon. She just accepts it as who she is and doesn't strive to change these weaknesses of hers.

Honestly, I believe that her treatment of Jon drove their marriage to the state that it is in today.

For a long time I said I wouldn't judge Kate because heaven knows, the woman has 8 children!!!! I mean, I have a hard time with one (albeit, Kendra is TOTALLY Mady.) :) But anyway, I think that she does, in a lot of ways, an AMAZING job with her 8 children, but that DOES NOT EXCUSE her treatment of Jon.

In the same sense, Jon should not be acting the way that he is either. He has totally mentally checked out of their family life (at least that's how it sounds).

Neither one of them is fully responsible or excusable from fault, but I shudder to think what would happen to my marriage if I accepted and embraced my weaknesses instead of striving to become more like Christ (not that I am perfect by any means!) I think that we can all say that. :)

I agree, pull the plug on the show. This family needs to work on their issues privately.

BandBbaby said...

I read you comments of MamaLouise's blog (sorotiy sister of hers) and I agree, as an avid fan from day one, that Kate's priorities are wrong. It sounds as though Jon wanted to quit the show after last season and she just disregarded his feelings all together. The one thing I really noticed after watching Monday night is that they have had issues for awhile not just since the tabloids have gotten ahold of them!
One fan to another!