Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Friend & Going Away Party

This past weekend, our friends, Kent & Kelsi Garrison threw a going-away/Indy 500 party for a great friend from college. Matt's bestie from college, Jamie, is heading back to Iraq for his last tour. We can't wait to welcome him back home! Unfortunantly, I completely spaced on getting a picture of he and Matt... But, here's one from college! Can't wait to see you again Jamie! (It's so weird calling him that! We called him 'Tito' all throughout college!)

Kent, Jamie (Tito) & Matt. I'm pretty sure this is before an AXO Hayride. Fun times!

At this party, Cyd met her a new friend! Kendall! What a cutie-patootie! So sweet too!

My first dorito! Of coarse, she'll try ANY sort of junk food! ;-)

Unfortunantly, she loves stairs... So, we spent some time hanging out around the door.

It was so great seeing some old college friends and so weird to have kids running around in the mix! We're the ones who were always acting like grown children, but not this time! I spent the entire day wrangling a 16 month old while trying to have adult conversation! My, times have CHANGED!
;-) For the good though! I wouldn't change anything!

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