Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wine Tasting!

No, no, no! Not by me, but some good friends that came to visit us this past weekend! Katie, Kelly & Courtney came down to hang out for the day on Saturday and I took them up to experience a taste of Huber's... literally... lunch & wine tasting. It was so great to see them!

You can see Katie & Court's blog post about their visit here: (Sorry, I don't know how to post a word that you can click on...)

and here:

The waitress, who always references our dogs instead of Cydni, e.g. Waitress: "Oh, you're the one that's always walking those cute dogs!" Me: "Yes, and MY CUTE DAUGHTER!" People will literally walk RIGHT PAST Cydni and go for the dogs! It's VERY unnerving to me!!!! Anyways, I digress, our waitress saw that we had 4 cameras ready for pictures and she said, "OH! You need PROPS!" Ginormous Wine Bottles! PERFECT!

The girls figuring out what kind of wines they wanted to taste....

All done! She finally got rid of my "tepid" water and gave me a nice cold bottled water! Very TASTY! I could just taste the wine through smelling the girls' choices! ;-)

That cow again! Apparently, Kelly loves it too! hahah ;-) Feet up ready to ride & all! ;-)

And finally, here we all are back at the house making fun of those CRAZY hats some people were wearing at the Derby! Seriously, lady, with the HUGE golden goddess one, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?

Thanks girls for making the trip! We loved having you! It's my turn to venture up there now! I promise! Maybe a day for myself! ;-) Start planning something! ;-)

*********Off the subject Tidbits I wanted to share!*********

1. Matt's Grandpa Naville turns 81 this week! Happy Birthday Earl! And, guess what he wants for said birthday!? A WII! How awesome is that!?

2. Welcome Home Jone's family! My friend, Brooke, who I posted about having her twins two weeks ago at 34 weeks are now home nestling in their comfortable bed! Congrats!

3. Cyd woke up in a great mood today! Yay! I think we're getting back on track!

I think that's it! Happy Hump Day! ;-)

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Emily said...

I wish you lived closer too:)
Looks like you guys had a really fun weekend! I love all the pictures... kind of torture going to a winery and not being able to drink.. you are a trooper:)