Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I know my blog is mostly about Cydni at this point... But, I hopefully want to make it more diverse... someday, but at this moment, it's about babies, b/c let's face it, that's what occupies most of my time. I've recently been addicted to this blog:


My heart hurts for them.. I have tears in my eyes just typing this post. The blogworld is so weird.. You get attached or connected to strangers and you feel their hurt like they were part of your family and I especially feel that with the Freeman's. Somehow, they have held on tightly to God's word and have been true followers of Him... all the while, their 10 month old daughter is dying. They just recently found out that she's brain dead. How do you deal with that!? Through your hope & faith that the Lord has a bigger plan for you, for your children... You just have to trust in that and the true words he gives us in His story, the Bible.

Please pray for the Freeman's. I pray for their faith, their strength, their understanding of it all, for their 2 other children and for their love for one another. Lord, please give them peace!


Emily said...

I know! Just breaks my heart too! Im praying lots for that lil adorable family!

Rachel said...

What an amazing family. Thank you for posting this. Prayers for Kayleigh and her sweet, faithful family.