Friday, June 26, 2009

My new kitchen!

Thank you Dad & Debbie for Cyd's new kitchen! She LOVES it! We brought it into the kitchen when we were cooking last night and she didn't bother us once! She was cooking up her own supper!


Other Fun Pictures:

Isn't this cute!!?? So sweet, huh? Well..... notice Cyd grabbing Matt's neck skin! She even managed to bite his lip! hahah! It's his own fault! He had a lemon drop in his mouth & was letting her taste it... She obviously liked it!!!

And these just warm my heart! I think we have a little helper on our hands! She's been doing this almost everyday now!
Multi-tasking just like her mom!

So sweet!

Matt, if you're reading this, we love & miss you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and head to the zoo on Friday!


the lewis gang said...

such a sweet little girl!!

Anonymous said...

this is matt. i'm reading this in the airport. can't wait to get home to you. she's a sweetie.

Jeffrey and Jenn said...

Love the kitchen. My girls loved theirs when they were little.

Emily said...

i love the kitchen pictures.. how cute is she and the picture of hr kising matt is adorable! gosh she just keeps getting cuter and cuter:)