Friday, June 26, 2009

Loi's Pool!

Thank you Jan & John for having us over for a night of relaxation by the pool! We all definitely needed it after that day we had! Hopefully, your ultimate goal of having both of the families together at once will happen this summer!

Ben, Jerry, Matt & Cyd

Show us your muscles....with those PINK sunglasses! ;-)

You're hangin' out a little there honey!

Hasn't quite decided if he likes it yet... By the end of the evening he was floating all by himself and jumping in like a wild man! Those are some great floaties Janelle! I told Kasie where you got them already!

I think your daddy would like it if you had some blue glasses on! ;-)

Such a sweet Family! Evie, Tiff & Dan

Our Cabana boy!

Kasie & Ben

My loves...

She has grown quite fond of her glasses!

Hope you all have a great week!


Loiclan said...

So glad all of you came and enjoyed yourselves. Come again sometime.

the lewis gang said...

cute pics! that float is fabulous, isn't it? maybe we can make a swimming date and mom and dad's one day this summer.