Thursday, June 25, 2009

'The Shire'

We had so much fun tonight! Don't laugh, but we went creek walking! ;-) hahaha. You'll see why the boys call this place 'The Shire'! It was a gorgeous night in a gorgeous place! The pictures don't even do it justice. This is literally at the end of my in-laws drive-way.

She wasn't quite so sure at first...

We left our wagon behind.

Going for a 4-wheeler ride down the creek.
Watch out! Even Mimaw got in on the action!

Waiting for us to come along!

Dan took Mimaw for a 'real' ride! ;-) She had a ball!

I need to be a photographer! hahah! Tiff, Dan & Evie.

Cyd took a spill. She ended up having a great time!

The whole gang, - me.

Papaw, Cyd & Mimaw.

This is what they do EVERY time now when they see each other! Precious!!!

Papaw showing Cyd some berries or something.

It got a little deep!

We had so much fun!

Papaw & Cyd.


kdurec said...

Beautiful pictures! You can hardly even tell that you are pregnant in that one with you in it! :) I would love to get the girls together sometime soon. Will you be free anytime in July?

the lewis gang said...

i love that pic of cydni all by herself. too sweet!