Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th, a little late...

I think 4th of July just might be my most-favorite holiday! Granted, the last 2 years, I haven't seen much of any fireworks, but I am just so proud to be an American. I know, that sounds gay to some people, but it's true. My brother is a Marine and I'm so, so proud of him and the sacrifice he makes for all of us. I don't tell him that enough, b/c everytime I get sentimental, everyone starts calling me 'gay', but seriously, I can't imagine what he's seen & has had to do while serving our country. He just graduated 'drill-instructor' school and is going to be that crazy guy screaming his head off at recruits, but he's molding our young men to be soldiers and I can't tell you how proud we are!

Happy late 4th everyone!
One of our 3 hand-me-down 4th outfits! ;-)

Evie & Cyd sitting in the big kid chairs.

My daughter started going all, "Oh no you're not sitting on my chair! These are MY chairs! Did you hear me!? Mine!? Everything in this house is M.I.N.E!" We'll have to work on that sharing.... So, Mimaw had to step-in and save the day!

Then papaw, stepped in and started pulling them around in the 'bus'.

They had a ball... until thier big booty's made the wheels fall off.

Cyd was tuckered out by the end of the night!

Hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th! It was rainy & gloomy here! Figures, a week of 70's & sun, and then the holiday weekend was full of doom & gloom! boo!

We're off for a week on vacation! Please pray for sleep for Cyd (and, of coarse, safe travels) on our 13 and some-odd hour endeavor! ;-)


Arlene said...

Hey have a wonderful vacation while in NY. You guys will love it! I'm jealous! Have lunch at this place called Serendipity its got good food and its a fun place! (225, East 60th Street). You guys take care!

Arlene said...

And you have to have one of their famous frozen hot chocolates! As you can tell I have food on the brain!