Saturday, July 11, 2009

Zoo, Take 2!

First, sorry about the side-ways pictures! Can I rotate them in blogger?

I asked her if she was excited about the zoo, and this was the look I got! haha! And, I got the question the other day if I photoshopped her eyes and the answer is NO! I can't even rotate pictures, muchless use photoshop! ;-) haha She got those from her Daddy!

This time went much, much better! We set off right after breakfast and was home around one... Two hours is about the max I think... for all of us! ;-) Something funny has happened each time we went though.. We get to the splash park & Cyd's face starts getting splotchy and her eyes start watering. She wants nothing to do with the water sprayers, so we bypass it for the most part. We've tried each time and she freaks a bit. I bet if we had some of her cousins with us, she would do much better. We wonder if she's allergic to the mulch from the playland??? It's very interesting.

I promise I got some pictures of the animals, but who wants to see those!? ;-)

Checking out the goat. Not so sure about those horns!

She thought these guys were real and had a death grip around my neck/back!

Bird! Ahh! These are annoying me being side-ways!

Daddy's little girl!

Checking out an exhibit.

She freaked out on me on the carousel! Bear-hugging me with her head on my shoulder!

I'm pretty sure she's crying in this picture...
This was before she realized it moved!

All in all, it was a GREAT time! We've got a pass, so we'll be back!


the lewis gang said...

glad things went much more smoothly for you! and btw you have to rotate them in your picture program before you rotate them in blogger. on my computer i double click on the pic once it is downloaded (while still in my photo program). here, you can rotate or crop anything. once it is saved like that, it will always be like that and it will download to blogger properly. good luck!

Arlene said...

Hey girly! Hope you are all having fun in NY. Good to read that the Zoo take 2 went well, love the photos!

You can actually rotate the photos when you are viewing them in a regular viewer, like when you open it, there are buttons on the bottom, look for the rotate one and when you X out of the photo it will ask you to save it, sometimes it just saves it automatically.