Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Oh man, where to start! I feel like we've been gone forever! We had an absolute blast at the beach in Connecticut and in New York City. My Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Mario were the best hosts' anyone could ask for! We could have literally stayed another two weeks and probably wouldn't have wanted to come home! We were so spoiled! We love and miss you guys dearly!

Cydni fell in love with them!

I think they fell in love with her too! ;-) Sorry Uncle Mario & Keith for getting our nasty bug!

What did we do you ask???
SIDEBAR: ***First and foremost, the Northeast & NYC would be a photographers PARADISE!!! My eyes were everywhere and on overload! and I don't even know really what to look for!*** I think they could've EASILY taken over 1000 photo's of NYC ALONE with all the gorgeous buildings and such!***
1. Ate some fabulous food...and more food...and more food! ;-)
2. Spent some precious time with family that we don't get to see very much!
3. Went to the beach in Connecticut. Um, I had no idea how GORGEOUS the Northeast is!
4. Went to NYC and saw a ton of sights! We took the double-decker bus ALL AROUND THE CITY and jumped on and off at Little Italy, Chinatown, Ground Zero, Time Square, Rockefellar Center, Statue of Liberty....and that was just the beginning! We took the train, shuttle and subway! We walked and walked and walked! and we could've seen and done SO MUCH MORE! There just wasn't enough time!
Here are some highlights from the trip... in no particular order.

I have one of Matt with these, but he said, 'DO NOT post this on your blog!" ahahah. We'll see! I got these for Cyd, but had to have some fun of my own with them!

Matt & I went to the city alone on Tuesday & Wednesday! Cyd was a terror on Monday, so Carolyn graciously volunteered to stay home and watch her! THANKS SO MUCH!

Show me your teeth! She's been 'cheesing' like crazy lately!

She discovered how to 'plug her ears' while we were on the train on the way back home! It was SO FUNNY!
And, wala... NOISE!

Carolyn & Matt did a bit of this....

Grand Central Station

The girls!

Cydni HATED the sand, but she would play with the shells if she was in the middle of the beach blanket with no threat of having to get off of it!! ;-)

The water was still pretty chilly up north. We never got in it above our waist, but we had us some GORGEOUS weather and sat out there as much as we could!

Can you guess what this is???
It was a GLORIOUS DAY! ;-) I'm a belly sleeper....

A perfect little shelf for Miss Cyd.

I could go on forever and ever with pictures, but I will spare you... I think I took over 300! So, maybe I'll save some for future posts'... I hope you enjoyed a snippet of our last week! Now, I've got to catch up on all of the other blogs I haven't gotten to keep up with!

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