Tuesday, August 18, 2009

34 weeks!

With all the moving business, I missed my 32 week update! I'm going strong! If this house or Cyd doesn't put me into labor, I don't think I'll ever have Amelia! ;-) Actually, if I don't go on my own before September 22, I'm going under the knife again! Ugh... I had an emergency c-section the first go-around, so they always schedule the second a week early. So, come hell or high water, Miss Amelia Jean will be here 9/22/09! I'm so excited, nervous, scared, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on. From adding #2 to the mix, to the surgery, to leaving Cyd for 2-3 days, to how Cyd is going to adjust, to how mom & dad are going to adjust, to nursing, to healing, to .......... this list goes on too! I just can't imagine any of it. I know I've been preggers for 34 weeks, but it still seems SO SURREAL! It's always so scary entering unchartered territory for the first time!

Anyways, here I am at 34 weeks. Large & IN CHARGE, so you better stay out of my way! hahah!


the lewis gang said...

you look beautiful! enjoy your last month with cyd...just the two of you. life gets more hectic (yet, oh-so-fun!) with two, but after a month or so, you won't remember it any other way. remember how when cyd was just a few weeks old, but you couldn't remember life without her? that's how it will be with amelia. and above all, remember that "you just do it." it may be hectic and crazy, but what are you going to do? give one of them back? NOOOO! so, you just do it! jackson and darbi are 17 months apart. people kept saying, "oh no, 2 kids under 2." like i should think about giving one of them back or something. people can be so insensitive! anyhow, take care and keep the udpates coming!

The Hoppenjans Family said...

You look so great at 34 weeks! Good luck finishing the house- can't wait to see pictures- of the house AND Amelia!!! =)

Courtney said...

Look at that belly! I love it! (and the dress)

Lacey and Derek said...

Cute dress! You still look great! Try not to work yourself too hard :)